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Friday, July 2, 2010


We have recently finished the novel The Silver Sword. It was a powerful tale of four children who traveled from Poland to Switerland facing many troubles along the way. The share determination of these children to be reunited with their parents was evident throughout the novel and we were amazed at how war can split a family in a second.

Over the past few weeks we have been discusing values that help us to succeed in life, determination is key. It must come from the mind, being able to think in a positive manner, having a goal and being determined to reach it.

Today we discussed Valerie Vili road to success at the Bejing Olympics. Using our infering skills we were able to make predictions about her and how she managed to succeed in the Olympics. Her mind played a powerful role. Over the past week we have been learning to visualise while we are reading to help us understand the text and we have linked this with Valerie and see this as a possible tool that she could of used to make sure that she succeeded.

For us as students it is reinforcing the need to be determined to succeed. Even though we are using visualising to help us understand what we read we can also use it to help us succeed in life.


  1. Determination is definitely a very important skill to have in life and with out it how would we succeed.


  2. The silver sword was a great book and knowing that Valerie Vili was determined to succeed. Determination is a very important in your life because it will always help you.

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