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Friday, July 2, 2010

What a successful Week

This week our voices have been heard. We have found out that our Duffy Books in Home Video was a winner and Miss Gorrie gets to go to Auckland for a day, hopefully bringing us back some goodies and a video of her experience. She shouted us a morning tea.

We have also been recognised for our learning. Check out this blog post by the Inventor of CSI Neale Pitches.


  1. Well done Room 22 and Miss Gorrie. You deserve it.
    From Tracy

  2. Well room 22 and kylie you do deserve it you all have worked hard and this is what pays of congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!From Muma Caz

  3. Has been an awesome week and year.
    Can wait to see what the rest of the year brings.


  4. We worked hard this term and we really deserved it. Miss Gorrie have a nice day in Auckland and having CSI checking our blog is really cool.

  5. Great news room 22! I knew you would win it how could you not,you all worked very hard congratulations!!!!

  6. It was a vey succesful week that week.
    Go digi donuts

  7. cool blog i love it !!!