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Friday, June 25, 2010

All Whites Dream Over!

This morning we have been discussing values and the importance of these on our lives. We have been discussing the values that the All Whites had in order to get where they did in the World Cup.

We have decided that these are essential for us to succeed in life:
* Think about the potential we have
* Belief in ourselves and others around us
* Respect for yourself and others
* Graditude for others and things that come your way
* Dedication

We have posted a comment to the stuff article


  1. You guys have come up with some very valuable points above, to get anywhere in life we all have to have dreams and goals and its our belief in ourselves and values that will allow us all to succeed in all areas. To be able to talk about personal values is great and including things like honesty and treating others with respect would be at the top of my list.

  2. Tracy Said:
    Respect for others and yourself is a good value for you all to learn in life. It will help with schooling, jobs and people you meet through life. Keep smiling and remember give praise whenever anyone does something nice for you or anyone around you as this also makes you feel valuable.

  3. good to see you learning about values. they are very important


  4. Values are very important in your life especially respecting your adults, your peers even yourself. If you follow what you believe in and keep on believing in those values you will have a good life.

  5. These Values are great to have in life they mean alot to me and many others the meanings of these words are great.

  6. It is cool to have learnt about values the are very important to have.

  7. Selena said...

    You Guys look like you are doing some interesting learning. Keep it up!

  8. Great values guys respect for others and belief in yourself and those around you are so important. Keep smiling and the world around you will follow and smile as will.

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