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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Parent Evening

What a night! Thanks to all the parents that attended the information evening. We are looking forward to sharing our learning journey with you.


  1. Kia ora Digi Donuts. Thank you for your invitation. We would love to share some learning experiences with you. We are about to become a digital classroom - we are just waiting for our netbooks to arrive. We would love some suggestions of what works really well in your classroom.

    We enjoyed looking at your classroom blog this afternoon and we really liked the slideshow of your Parent Evening. It looks like you had a fantastic turnout of caregivers.

    You also inspired us to find a 'funky' name for our class blog because we thought 'Digi Donuts' is a great name - we all love Donuts you see :)

    We look forward to seeing what other wonderful things you guys are doing down in Palmerston North.

  2. Yesterday was really fun with all our parents and caregivers there. The really good part was when we had to show our parents our work. Lets hope we can do that again another time.
    By the way may I just say that, Miss Gorrie you really did a good job on the movie.

  3. The second coment was by me, sorry.


  4. Hi digi donuts thanks for the amazing parents evening that you and your wonderful teacher organised. It was an awesome opportunity to see what you's do,how you do it and what programs you use.

    Thanks again Michale and Willie

  5. Thanks for a great information night. I am inspired by the amount of information that you are all taking in every day. And the knowledge that you will gain by the end of the year will be amazing and that is just tech related!!! Keep up all the hard work and the persistance will pay off.Miss Gorrie you are a very approachable teacher and look forward to working with you too.

    Cheers Tui and Carl

  6. Miss Gorrie yesterday was really fun and awesome. I wish that I had my own little mini laptop and it will have all of the things that you showed us. One last thing can I eat the donuts since you are called digi donuts, but just left out the digi and give me the donuts.

    Victor)samantha's sister)

  7. Wow!!! hope we have lots more nights like that.It was awesome to show our parents what we have learnt so far and i bet there is loads more to come.

    Suli :)

  8. It was interesting to learn about what you guys are going to look at this year. I'm looking forward to learning along with you.

  9. yo wat up dat cool as man it gangster

    peace bro

    god bless all