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Saturday, February 6, 2010

End of Week

Guess What
Digi Donuts had a range of different goals throughout the week. Some were achieved some still need working on.

This week was busy with Technology, Buddy Class, Assembly and learning our way around the digital world.

So What
We started to learn the habits of the mind. This will help us to be effective learners as they encourage us to step out of our comfort zones and seek help from others, talk with each other, use what we know to learn new things and know when is the right time to use humour. To name a few.

Now What
Our goals all vary but have a habit of mind that we need to know.


  1. That start of the week was fun. We did lots of things in one week. I think that this week we are going to do even lots of things than before and work really good, but still last week was fun. One more thing I need to work on my goal for this week. We went to technology and we learnt a few things about wood work. Wow!!! that was a really busy week but we haven't started the hard work yet.


  2. This year is going to rock! With the applications and technology we have, I think anything is possible. Thanks for this chance Miss Gorrie!

    Mitchell :)

  3. This year is going to be awesome because im new to all this computer stuff so its gonna be awesome